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Taguig Expats

Hello, Taguig expats!
My name is Joe and I am from the US and help run Taguig.com with my Filipina wife, Myra. The Philippines and Taguig in particular has been a big part of our life since 2006!

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If you want to help, first create a free account on Taguig.com. We take your privacy seriously, won't sell your data and we have nothing to sell you. Why do I have to create an account?: When you create your account you can specify that you are an expat and you'll get access to expat-only features and resources on the website.
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Taguig Expat Resources

Taguig.com Expats Community Chat
Private, anonymous community chat for Expats in the Taguig area.

Taguig Expat Youtubers
Videos from other expats (mostly who have lived or do live in Tagugi) on Youtube.

American / Western Style Restaurants
Homesick for some American or Western style food? Here are some restaurants that will make you feel at home.

Taguig City Guide
As a newcomer to the area, you don't truly know Taguig until you've familiarized yourself with each of these areas.

Taguig Property
Condos for rent and sale. Includes both PHP pesos and USD dollar amounts, and both square meters and square feet, for ease of use.

Taguig News - English
Local news articles for Taguig area residents, available in both English and Tagalog.

Tagalog.com - Language Resources
Foster a deeper connection with the community and enhance everyday practicalities, opening doors to opportunities and experiences often missed by those reliant solely on their native tongue. Mastering the local language empowers you to navigate daily life with confidence, understand nuanced contexts, and truly belong in your adopted home.

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