The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has released videos demonstrating the aggressive actions of the China Coast Guard (CCG). The videos show the CCG aggressively blocking, and inflicting harm on AFP soldiers who were conducting a humanitarian and resupply operation aboard the BRP Sierra Madre (LS57), stationed at Ayungin Shoal on June 17, 2024.

(Video from the Armed Forces of the Philippines)

Seven soldiers were injured in the incident, including Seaman 1C Jeffrey Facundo, who allegedly lost a finger. The AFP's marine vehicles and communication equipment were damaged. The AFP's inflatable boats were also slashed.

In the video, a China Coast Guard member can be seen holding an ax, while others wield blades and strike at the AFP's marine vehicles. CCG personnel also launched tear gas.

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(Photo from the Armed Forces of the Philippines)

"Despite facing overwhelming numbers and harassment from the CCG, Filipino troops valiantly fought back and defended their position. The AFP maintains professionalism and steadfast commitment to uphold international law and preserve peace in the region," the AFP stated in a released statement.

CCG personnel also tied ropes to the AFP's Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat and a CCG member brandishing an ax threatened an AFP soldier. The CCG also set off loud sirens and strobe lights to disrupt the AFP troops.

"The CCG swarmed AFP's Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) already moored alongside BRP Sierra Madre (LS57), escalating their aggression by wielding pointed weapons and explicitly threatening to harm Filipino troops. The CCG personnel then began hurling rocks and other objects at our personnel. They also slashed the RHIBs, rendering them inoperable. All the while, the blaring sirens were being employed non-stop," the AFP further added.

(Video from the AFP)

In the video, it is also seen that some CCG personnel took supplies from the AFP's marine vehicles.

Despite the chaos, the AFP stated that the Filipino soldiers remained restrained while aiding an injured Navy seaman.

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(Photo from AFP)