Joel Jermillo brought home a prize of P35, 000 for his Avatar Fish kite, which was declared the champion of the Kite Flying Competition held by Taguig City last Saturday afternoon, May 19, 2024, at TLC Park, C6, Barangay Lower Bicutan, Taguig City.

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As part of the celebration of Taguig's 437th founding anniversary, the city government, through the Sports Development Office, held a kite flying competition with the theme "Fly, Prosperous Society."

Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano led the welcoming of 88 participants in the event aimed at showcasing Taguig's culture through kite designs, and also providing a fun-filled activity for the residents of Taguig.

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Jelsoj Arriola, who won P25, 000 for his Zebra Butterfly kite, was the first runner-up. The second runner-up was Emiliano Viar, winning P15, 000 for his kite named Monarch. The third runner-up was Cyril John Arellano, receiving P10, 000 for his Box Kite.

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Special awards winners like JayB Palazon, who was recognized for the Most Artistic Kite, a Philippine Eagle, received P5, 000 each. The Biggest Kite award went to Redsell Kurt Rodilas for his Triangular Box Kite. The Smallest Kite was Mark David Visaya's kite, aptly named Small But Terrible.

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The competition also selected the Top Twenty Winners, each receiving P4, 000. The rest received P2, 000 each as consolation prizes.

Mayor Cayetano compared flying kites to life's challenges.

"The beauty of the kite as a representation is evident. As it goes against the wind, as the wind strengthens, we see it fight and rise higher. We always encounter trials, things that serve as obstacles to our goals. But no matter how strong the wind blows, we should continue to strive as a city."

The president of Saranggola Pilipinas, AJ Manaog, thanked the city government of Taguig for their support towards their advocacy related to kite flying.

(Photos from Taguig PIO)