The onset of the rainy season in the Philippines has led to an expected increase in cases of leptospirosis.

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Amid the arrival of Typhoon Aghon, the city government of Taguig is prepared for the possibility of flooding and a rise in cases of leptospirosis, a disease caused by the leptospira bacteria in infected animals.

This disease is commonly transmitted by rats through their urine, which mixes with floodwater.

There is free leptospirosis medication available at barangay health centers.

The leptospirosis medication is given as a prophylactic to Taguig residents aged 9 years and above.

However, pregnant women and those breastfeeding are not advised to take this medication.

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For any queries, simply click the link for Health Center hotlines. You can visit this website:

Research shows that the Philippines has been experiencing 680 cases of leptospirosis and 40 deaths from the disease annually.

However, the average number of cases has been steadily increasing in recent years, reaching 2794 cases in 2022.

From January to March 2023, there have been 810 reported cases.