A South Korean footballer fell victim to thieves while walking in Bonifacio Global City, Barangay Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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(From Yi-young Park's Instagram post)

In an Instagram post by Yi-young Park, he stated that he was in front of One Bonifacio when six women began to encircle him. Three of them positioned themselves in front to obstruct and slow his pace, while others were behind him.

Suddenly, the six women dispersed after they disrupted his walk.

"I checked my bag immediately and it was too late. The zipper was opened...they had stolen my wallet," Park said.

Park saw the women dispersing into three groups and heading in different directions. He caught up with two women and demanded his wallet back. He said they suddenly raised their voices and accused him of being deceitful, claiming they didn't have his wallet.

"They started getting angry and overacting. It became clearer to me that they had stolen my wallet but the guard could not provide any help. I kept chasing," Park added.

He said they reached a place where there were few people around, where one of the women instructed her companion to return his wallet and leave. Park managed to recover his wallet.

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(From Yi-young Park's Instagram post)

Park examined whether his IDs and cards were still in his wallet but did not immediately check if his money was still there. Yi had lost some cash.

"Long story short, I'm safe and I got my wallet back but still missing some cash. I hope that you all remain alert and careful that something like this never happens again," Park concluded.