The Healthway Cancer Care Hospital, located at Arca South, Barangay Western Bicutan, Taguig City, will offer a variety of services and treatments against cancer for impoverished patients in Taguig.

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These services include laboratory tests, radiology, nuclear medicine, and outpatient nursing services, all of which will be available at discounted rates provided there is a referral letter from the Taguig city government.

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AC Health president and CEO Paolo Borromeo praised and expressed gratitude for the support of the Taguig city government and the dedication of Mayor Lani Cayetano to this project, which will benefit the residents of Taguig.

"Your dedication to improving healthcare access for your constituents resonates deeply with our mission at AC Health. Even outside of this agreement, we have already seen the tireless efforts and passion that your team brings for healthcare. It's inspiring to witness the positive changes you continue to champion for the city," said Borromeo.

The country's first cancer hospital opened in November of last year.

"This will grant us access to the latest medical technologies and specialized expertise right here in our community. People no longer need to travel far because it is already here in our city. Access to quality health services is close to our residents. All of these add up to better outcomes for patients and a higher quality of life for everyone in our city," said Cayetano.

The Taguig City Government and Healthway are also planning to conduct community education and cancer screening programs to identify and treat cancer at an early stage.