A total cash prize of one hundred and forty thousand pesos will be given away by the city government of Taguig in the upcoming Taguig City Kite Flying Competition 2024 happening on May 18, 2024, at the TLC Park Open Grounds, Laguna Lake Highway/C6 Road, Barangay Lower Bicutan, Taguig City.

As part of the 437th anniversary of the founding of Taguig, kite flyers who are Taguig residents are invited to participate in this competition led by the Sports Development Office (SDO) of Taguig.

The champion of the kite flying competition will win P35,000. The first runner-up will win P25,000; the second runner-up will win P15,000; and the third runner-up will win P10,000.

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The next twenty competitors achieving high scores in the competition will also receive P2,000 cash each.

Aside from this, there will be special awards for the "Most Artistic" who will win P5,000; the "Biggest Kite" will win P5,000; and the "Smallest Kite" will also receive P5,000.

To participate, you need to register before or by the deadline on May 15, 2024, at exactly 4:00 in the afternoon, on this link: https://bit.ly/KiteFlyingRegistrationForm.

Only the first 100 residents of Taguig who register can participate in the competition, with only one kite allowed per participant.

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Once the form is complete, send it via email along with the necessary attachments, including a photocopy of a valid ID with a Taguig address and a picture of the kite to be entered at: [email protected].

All kites must be homemade or handcrafted and may be up to six feet at most.

All kites must be flown at a height not exceeding 500 feet.

If the weather turns bad and it's not possible to fly the kites on the day of the competition, the kites will be judged even if they cannot be flown.

If a kite happens to break during the competition, the kite owner will be allowed to fix it. Assistance from family or friends is allowed for launching and repairing the kite, but the kite must be flown by the one who made it.

Participants must also follow the correct time to fly their kites. They are not allowed to randomly bring down their kites without instruction from the organizers.
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Here are the criteria for judging the competing kites in the competition:
1. Design - 30%
2. Visual Impact - 40%
3. Flight - 30%

(Art cards from Taguig PIO)